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Living and working out of St.Louis, Missouri, Gayathri Seetharaman is a self-taught artist. She brings together her passion for painting, photography, and travelling into her creative expressions. Through  the process of painting, she connects with her roots growing up in India, drawing inspiration from the colorful sights and sounds, traditions and folk-arts of India.

Gayathri's work explores the similarities between different art styles from around the world. Her passion for art can be described as an exploration of colors through the lens of the world, bringing contrasting ideas harmoniously together into her bright compositions. Her art is a visual journey, a fusion of the ancient Indian art with the the styles and traditions of the world.

She started teaching art and volunteering since moving back to St.Louis in 2010. Learning and trying something new every time along with her students is something she loves. Her work is a constant search to find the balance between the traditional and the modern.

 'Every canvas is a journey all its own' - Helen Frankenthaler